1997 Moscow, "Moscow-850" exhibition honors the contest winner

1998 Baku, "Novruz-98" exhibition - contest, third place winner

1998 Baku, "Turkish world" children's drawing contest, diploma winner

1999 Konakava, Japan exhibition-competition of 144 countries, first place, gold medal and certificate winner

1999 Baku, "Population Day" exhibition-contest, second place winner

1999 Baku, "The Book of Dede Korkut 1300 aniversary" drawing contest, first place winner

1999 Magadan, "Nature Reserve" exhibition-contest, third place worldwide winner

2000 Tegeran Iran, exhibition-contest, honors the first world winner

2000 Baku Azerbaijan,"Homeland Morning" show, second place winner

2001 Baku Azerbaijan, "My Native Land", exhibition-contest, first place winner 

2001 Baku Azerbaijan, "Hand Work", exhibition-contest, first place winner

2001 Baku Azerbaijan, "The Mountains" contest, winner

2001 Baku Azerbaijan, "Century of the First Spring" exhibition-contest, first place winner

2002 Baku Azerbaijan, "Children against genocide" drawing contest, 1st place winner

2002 Ankara Turkey, painting festival, diploma winner

2002 Baku Azerbaijan, "Joint Anti violence" exhibition contest, 2nd place winner

2002 Baku Azerbaija, "Baku Autumn 2002" contest winner

2002 Baku Azerbaijan, "Monuments through children's eyes" exhibition-contest, 1st place winner

2003 Baku Azerbaijan, "Our country is in the srping", exhibition-contest , 1st place

2003 Japan, "The Childrens eyes", exhibition-contest, 1st place winner

2003 Baku Azerbaijan, Republican Olimpiad drawing competition, 1st place winner

2003 Moscow Russia, "Pushkin" competitions, winner

2003 Baku Azerbaijan, "Population Day" competition, winner

2004 Baku Azerbaijan, "I'm an artist" contest, Best Painting Nomination

2009 Baku Azerbaijan, "International Women's Day", exhibition-contest, Winner certificate

2012 Baku Azerbaijan, "Youth" contest, winner

2012 Ukraine, "Underwater Fantasy 2012", exhibition-contest, winner

2012 Poland, "Every time a blue, always green" exhibition-contest, diploma winner

2012 Germany "Germany through the eyes of an artist",exhibition, diploma

2013 Baku Azerbaijan, "Children and teenagers promoting art", diploma

2014 Baku Azerbaijan, "Our flag is a source of pride", exhibition , diploma

2015 Baku Azerbaijan, "Tolerant Azerbaijani youth", exhibition-contest, 1st place winner

2015 Baku Azerbaijan, "Flowers Festival", best flower dress 2nd place winner

2015 Austria, "Tolerant the Young" Exhibition, diploma

2016 Poland, "Every time a blue, always green" best teacher competition

2016 Baku Azerbaijan, "The Ambassador of the professional" nomination

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